What’s gangland Johnnie involved in?

Sergeant Smith and Pc Will Fletcher find a bloodied elderly man, who’s later identified as one-time East End gangster Johnnie Jackson. Teenage witness Disa Mirandello refuses to talk but throws Will her mobile phone which has footage of Johnnie being thrown out of a car and beaten up.

After Johnnie discharges himself from St Hugh’s, DS Max Turner and Smithy visit Johnnie at home and are surprised when his grandson, Jacko, bursts in. Johnnie admits that Jacko deals drugs for someone connected to a dangerous man, Roger Hutton. Later, the officers learn that Roger is Johnnie’s illegitimate son – and Jacko owes him a favour.

Johnnie begs Roger to leave Jacko out of his dodgy dealings but Roger refuses. Roger is eventually arrested in connection with a major drug and prostitution scam, but Sun Hill’s celebrations are cut short when Smithy and Max respond to a call from Johnnie’s house where Jacko’s body is found in a pool of blood…

*Guest stars Edward Woodward, Tim Woodward and Sam Woodward*