Penn visits the grave of Tulip O’Hare and then goes to find Alf for a chat. They have a cryptic conversation and Penn is clearly mad at Alf about something. In flashbacks, we see that Penn suffered a trauma in his childhood. Later, Alf visits the same grave. What’s the connection?

April continues explaining her bus plan to John and he likes what he’s hearing. However, he later tells Xavier that his enthusiasm was a little exaggerated – he knew how much effort April had put into it and didn’t want her to feel her idea was rejected. Meanwhile, April confesses to Xavier that she’d lied about the buses being used in Sweden – the plan isn’t as promising as she’d made out.

Leah invites Irene over. She has a huge decision to make and needs advice from a good friend. She’s thinking of quitting the Diner and wants to know how Irene would feel about working by herself. Irene doesn’t quite understand the decision and Leah explains it’s not final, but she needs to have a plan in case she and Elijah get back together and she needs to travel to Africa. Irene tells her that Elijah should make sacrifices too…

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