What’s got into Lucas?

Lucas and Jade leave the bar and, tipsy, she suggests going back to her place. Instead, Lucas drives her to wasteland and soon Jade starts to complain. Ominously he says it’ll be worth it. He makes her get on her knees and pray, but she tries to escape. Lucas chases her and wraps a tie around his hands…

Denise wants to talk to Lucas about Jordan changing his statement, but Lucas isn’t answering his phone. Jordan forces Denise to take him without Lucas’s approval. Later, Shirley buys Denise a drink for convincing Jordan to tell the truth. Lucas bursts in and passionately kisses Denise. Lucas takes Denise home and they head to the bedroom…

Meanwhile, Ben goes to court and Phil is gutted when Ben is referred to the Crown Court despite Jordan’s statement. Phil takes Ben for fish and chips and brings up the prospect of Ben going to prison. Ben tries to be brave in front of Phil, but it’s clear he’s terrified.

Also, Max and Darren flip a coin about who gets to continue to date Vanessa and Jodie.

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