Greg tells Ian that he and Tanya have been trying for a baby, but haven’t had any luck. Greg is shifty when Tanya and Rainie walk in on him on his laptop. Rainie checks the laptop and tells Tanya that Greg has been researching IVF.

Pat doesn’t think Ricky should go to Dubai, but he insists they need the money. Pat discovers Ricky has bought a ticket to Dubai leaving today. Pat tells him she can convince Norman not to contest the will, but he says he doesn’t want the money from it. Norman is in hospital after an accident with a rake. Pat rings Janine, asking her to see Ricky right in return for changing Norman’s mind. After being persuaded by Pat, Norman finally agrees not to contest the will.

Tiffany reveals to Carol that Ricky is leaving, and he confirms it to them both. Meanwhile, Janine wants Pat to beg her to give Ricky the money. Ricky walks in and tells her he doesn’t want the money. Ricky says an emotional goodbye and leaves the Square.

Also, Fatboy wants to move in with Dot; rumours spread about Ian’s relationship with Denise; Abi tells Jay she’s willing to take the next step after they are reunited.