What’s happened to Melissa?

Hannah is trying to convince her family she’s on the road to recovery, while she’s really planning her escape with fellow anorexic Melissa. Suzanne is furious when she discovers what the girls were up to, and Hannah is stopped in her tracks when disaster strikes.

Fletch is struggling to cope with the pressures of dating two girls at once. He invites Sasha for a meal but fails to explain why he’s been acting weird. Meanwhile, Michaela is furious when she spots Sasha on a date with her man and is determined to put a stop to things.

Sarah is excited at the prospect of life in Dublin with Craig and can’t wait to get hitched. But Craig worries when she starts talking about their engagement and insists they don’t tell anybody yet. Sarah reluctantly agrees to wait for the right time, as Craig wonders how much longer he can keep their engagement a secret.

Jessica struggles under a mountain of unpaid bills, and worries when her dad begs her to visit him in jail. Feeling sorry for Jessica, Zoe offers her some cash when Darren wins big on the races.