What’s happening to Julia?

Chloe and Julia are enjoying a trip to the zoo when Julia gets distracted by a call from her son Liam and walks off, leaving Chloe behind. Back at The Mill, Julia’s telling Karen about the call when she realises she’s forgotten Chloe!

Karen tells Rob who reports it and soon Karen and Julia are back at the zoo, showing pictures of Chloe to everyone. Meanwhile, taxi driver, Edgar, spots Chloe, who explains that her Gran works at The Mill.

As Julia calls Patrick to tell him what’s happened, Karen reveals that Chloe is at the surgery. At the Mill, Edgar is angry that Chloe was abandoned and threatens Julia with social services, which leaves her mortified.

Concerned, Simon does some memory tests with Julia which she passes. Julia thinks it’s just exhaustion, but Simon is unsure. Cherry tells Simon that Julia called Chloe Sam yesterday and Simon says he’ll speak to Heston.

At home, Julia makes Chloe promise not to tell her parents about what happened and privately wonders what is happening to her.

Also, a misunderstanding over a bunch of flowers gets out of hand for Jimmi and Cherry.

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