While Toadie and Harold set up the Scullys’ leaving party, Harold warns Toadie not to push Sonya away, because he will lose her forever. When Harold gets a text message, Toadie asks him who it’s from because he’s noticed Harold’s been having lots of secret conversations.

No longer able to keep it a secret, Harold admits he has met an incredible woman called Carolyn and he’s in love! Toadie is thrilled and tells Harold that he needs to tell Karl and Susan. Harold agrees on the condition that Toadie goes to see Sonya to sort things out.

At home, Sonya’s thinking of Toadie and when there’s a knock at the door she excitedly runs to open it and is clearly disappointed when it’s not Toadie, but Troy. He tells her he promised himself he’d never make the same mistake of losing her again, but Sonya doesn’t know what to say.

When Sonya sees Toadie, once again, she asks him if he’d like to do something, but instead of taking the opportunity to get her back, he continues to push her away. Later, Harold sees Sonya and Troy kissing, and knows Toadie has pushed her into Troy’s arms. In Charlie’s, Harold tells Sonya what he saw, but she tells him to keep out of it.

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