What’s Heather hiding?

A worried Jimmi can’t get hold of Heather and persuades Emma to give him her keys so he can go and check. He panics when she isn’t at home, and is on the phone to Emma when Heather walks in. She says she was at her mother’s house, and her phone battery was dead.

Elderly Sylvia appears to be an impatient miser in debt and is refusing Niamh’s help to deal with her arthritis. However, when she dies of malnutrition, Niamh discovers that she was brought up in care and made loads of money but gave it all away to children’s charities. She sacrificed herself for this cause.

Zara asks Al to check for signs of delayed development in Joe. She prowls around outside, deflecting Heston when he asks if she is alright. Afterwards, Al tells her that nothing is conclusive and then gets annoyed when he discovers she was listening in. Zara decides to make her own referral.