What’s Jack up to with Honey?

Roxy is suspicious when she sees Jack and Honey looking cosy in EastEnders...

Jack plans a surprise for Ronnie, but he needs some help. He approaches Honey to ask her a favour. When Roxy sees the pair of them whispering, she instantly comes to the wrong conclusion and assumes there’s something going on!

Ian is feeling awkward after his conversation with Mick about keeping Jane happy. Attempting to reach out to his wife, Ian then bottles it and suggests a night out. When Jane refuses, Linda comes up with an idea to help Jane feel less self-conscious. She suggests that Jane come along to a charity ladies’ night in The Vic. Meanwhile, Jane confronts Stacey about betraying her confidence.

Kathy takes her role as director seriously, enlisting Denise’s help to find a script for the Christmas play. When Denise’s tutor gives her some encouragement, she agrees to write the script herself.

Also, Bex turns to Louise for advice.