Jade’s shocked at Kyle’s honesty about his feelings, and despite really liking him, she turns him down, and Kyle’s obviously disappointed. He accepts Jade’s decision but they both struggle to concentrate. Having decided to give the soccer game a miss, in a bid to avoid Kyle, Jade soon changes her mind when she overhears Kate and Mal talking about Susan and Karl splitting up, and realises that things have to carry on as normal. At the game, Kyle tries to talk to Jade again but she warns him he’s making it awkward, however, during the game, they get pretty close!

Chris is upset when Lucas tells him he’s considering selling the garage to the developers, and tells Lucas it shouldn’t just be about the money. Later, at the garage, Chris’s dad loses the plot when he finds out Chris isn’t going to university so he can do his apprenticeship at the garage. He tells his dad that he isn’t going to uni, which only makes him more angry. When Chris’s dad slaps him, Lucas steps in and punches Chris’s dad!

A fed up Mal is chilling out at Charlie’s when Jade appears. Seeing he’s a bit down, she invites him on a night out.