What’s Leon up to?

Sergeant Stone and Pc Leon Taylor respond to a burglary at the home of Karen Robson but the officers are mystified when Karen later calls to say everything that was stolen has been left on her doorstep. She saw the man who returned the items and describes Connor Deegan, who Leon finds and arrests. When he and Stone go to search the squat where Connor lives they find his sister, Ruby, who has been attacked.

It transpires that Connor is trying to help his sister kick her drug habit. Ruby robbed Karen’s house and Connor took the stolen goods back to their owner. Connor tells the cops that he thinks drug dealer Darren Bailey attacked his sister and agrees to help catch Darren by setting him up. But the sting backfires… The police find no drugs at Darren’s house – and the money given to Darren for the drugs has disappeared.

DS Max Carter suggests to Stone that one of his own officers may have pocketed the money during the search of Darren’s home. Stone is stunned when he realises that Leon lied about his whereabouts after leaving Darren’s house earlier. Stone later confronts Leon with footage of him handing £300 to Connor. Has Leon just put his job on the line?