Libby is a shoulder to cry on for Susan following her health diagnosis. But seeing how close Libby and Susan are makes Rachel feel left out. Meanwhile, Libby continues to lie about her real reason for leaving Shepparton. Across the street, Miranda channels her guilty energy into cooking, and leaves the results on Susan’s doorstep. When Rosie lays into Toadie for his decision to leave their law partnership, he is forced to confide his feelings of worthlessness to her. Rosie realises how much his panic attacks affected Toadie and reminds him of how much he is valued. However, Steph is a bit put out when it seems that it is Rosie’s rather than her words of support which prompts Toadie to change his mind about leaving. Nervous about their date, Bridget and Declan seek advice from Rachel and Oliver. Unfortunately, the date doesn’t go too smoothly as the pair have to deal with Bridget’s physical restrictions and are confronted by teasing teens at the cinema. Declan stands up for Bridget without her knowledge, but he can’t bring himself to commit to a relationship with her and leaves her at her doorstep without a kiss. VIDEO: Watch Neighbours highlights here