Stingray’s newfound romance with Rachel has lost some of its appeal this time round and Stingray confesses to Sky that love isn’t enough anymore. Unfortunately, troublemaker Lolly overhears and when Sky and Stingray innocently fall asleep together, she cunningly invites Rachel over. But Rachel’s unworried by what she sees, and tells Lolly that Sky and Stingray are just mates.

Karl tells Lou that he suspects Lolly stole his wallet, but angry Lou is oblivious to Lolly’s deceptive streak. But Rachel and Harold have also noticed Lolly getting up to mischief.

Elsewhere, Paul bribes Skinner to set the Timmins family up. Pirated DVDs are planted at Number 26 but the plan is thwarted when Janelle finds them and immediately tells Steiger. Desperate Paul orders Skinner to have another go at setting Janelle up, but Skinner’s had enough, and refuses to give in, even when Paul tries to blackmail him again.

When Janelle realises that Paul has been trying to set her up, she punches him. And he insists she’s arrested for assault. Later, furious Paul decides to teach Elle a lesson for betraying him by chucking her out of his house and confiscating all her belongings.

Also, not realising Zeke now knows she hates cats, Bree fakes an allergy in an attempt to rid herself of Willow, and Lou gets the fear about his new airline job.