What’s Matthew playing at?

Annie finds a computer message from one of Ruby’s new online friends, Skye, asking for her address. She voices her concerns to Ruby, but when Skye sends her a picture, Ruby suggests they meet in person. But when school bully, Matthew, turns up instead of Skye, Ruby leaves. Back online, Skye explains she had detention, but Ruby is oblivious that Matthew is Skye. What is he planning?

Although she’s not eating, Melody goes to great lengths to pretend to her mum that she is OK. Meanwhile, Geoff is shocked to learn that Melody is no longer seeing a therapist or taking any medication and his fears worsen when she faints in front of him and he later discovers a garbage bag full of uneaten food in her wardrobe. At Geoff’s insistence, Melody admits to her mum that she hasn’t been eating, but Christine doesn’t believe her.

Desperate to find a new job, Kirsty is pleased when she gets an interview at The Sands resort. However, Kirsty then receives a letter from Kane which clearly upsets her. As she gets her references from Bartlett, he apologises for treating her badly and offers her his help. To his surprise, she asks for five thousand dollars. Why does Kane want so much cash?

*Showing on RTE One, Friday November 14*