What’s Michael hiding from Tash?

Michael comes back from the beach to find Tash unconscious after nearly drowning in Toadie’s pool. After a tense wait at the hospital, Michael and Tash’s friends are relieved to discover she’s received the all clear. But Michael seems deeply troubled that Tash is experiencing flashbacks of drowning. What is he so afraid of Tash remembering?

Lucas is starting to regret entering a relationship with Michelle when she becomes far too clingy for his liking. Asking Jade to kick her out, he thinks the distance will make their break-up easier. Refusing to help, Jade doesn’t want to lose the only buffer between her and Kyle. Having taken to the challenge himself, Lucas ends things with Michelle on an amicable note. But unbeknown to the both of them, she is anything but fine…

Sophie and Kate grow further apart as Sophie becomes increasingly focused on her music. Troubled by the scale of their rocky relationship, Kate tries to amend things. But with Sophie pushing her away, her attempts make no difference. Andrew intervenes with a word of advice and encourages Kate to get involved in Sophie’s new hobby. After recruiting Noah as her new guitar teacher, the two reach a mutual understanding.