Michelle is working in the Housman Ward with Anna when Andy Millett arrives in uniform, clean shaven, haircut and with a prosthetic leg and tells Michelle he’s staying in the Army. He apologises for being a prat when they first met and thanks Michelle for giving him good advice.

While out jogging, Michelle and Louis come across an assault course. Michelle completes the course, prompting Louis to enquire if she’s spending too much time with the squaddies. Michelle assures him she’s only interested in one type of uniform – but there’s something she’s not telling him…

At the Campus, Ruth realises Cherry doesn’t know about Simon’s injured lip. Cherry goes home for lunch to talk to Simon about it and admits she’s hurt he didn’t confide in her. Simon reassures her she’s a good friend.

At the Mill, Julia tells Heston she’s had a call from a friend at the PCT. There’s a potential business opportunity for taking over Sutton Vale Surgery; both are excited about the idea of expanding the empire.

Also, when the father of a Cliff Richard fan comes home after 10 years, Karen helps her face up to fantasy world she’s created.

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