What’s Mink hiding?

Mink accuses Indi of holding Romeo back. Indi think she’s got a point. Though Romeo disagrees, he does suggest that she has a limited idea of his capabilities. Meanwhile, Mink is snappy with Romeo and at a surfing competition and he learns she has a drink problem.

Harvey is hot on the campaign trail for the position on the Council. Gina and Leah are disappointed there’s only one candidate and tell Roo she should run too. Harvey asks Roo to help him campaign and she refuses, deciding that Alf should run instead. Alf isn’t keen… until Harvey hassles him about being too old. Alf takes up the challenge.

John is promoting the new Resort development and is excited about the future of Summer Bay. But when he hears that Geoffrey King has his eye on the place, John is uneasy.

Brax decides not to sell Angelo’s to King, but John hears that the biggest crook around won’t take no for an answer. Worried about Heath’s involvement with King, Brax asks Charlie if Heath can move to the city with them. She’s apprehensive, but sees it’s important to Brax. When she learns about King potentially buying Angelo’s, however, she realises why Brax wants Heath to move with them.