What’s new boy Alex up to?

Alex tells Leah he can no longer handle living at home with their parents, with his mum giving him grief back in Greece over his arrest for the mix-up with his prescription medications. Leah is sympathetic, but Alex seems edgy when she tells him her baggage has been lost by the airline.

Later, Alex asks Leah for a few hundred dollars to rent a caravan. But Leah is surprised when Sally tells her that Alex didn’t pay the rent on the van and told her he was broke. The mystery deepens when Alex sends Leah’s cash to a city address and takes a call from someone pressurising him for money.

Jules tries to win Cassie round, but only ends up embarrassing her when his joke surprise of hiding in a caravan in his underpants goes wrong. Things get worse over at Amanda’s, when furious Belle discovers Drew has been texting Gina, the girl he snogged last week. Jules and Drew leave, but Jules returns and overhears Cassie and Alex laughing about him.

Seething, Jules spies Alex’s motorbike parked in the driveway and wheels it away. Later, when Alex discovers his bike missing, Jules is seen lying on a deserted road, and a twisted bike in the ditch.

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