What’s new boy Stone got to hide?

After saving a woman, Lucy Thomas, from a unruly drunk in custody, Sun Hill’s latest recruit, Sergeant Callum Stone (Sam Callis), enquires about how she came by an earlier head injury. Lucy reveals that she was serving drinks at a party being held by respected ex-Detective Inspector, Martin Donnelly.

When questioned, Martin admits to Stone and Pc Dan Casper that Lucy banged her head while drunk. He admits that, as there were drugs at the party, he got his retired doctor friend to do the stitches. Then Stone notices an iron poker missing from Martin’s fireplace, and suspects that this was used to hit Lucy.

Later, Dan gets suspicious when he witnesses Stone putting the poker in his rucksack and the rucksack in his car, and Stone warns the Pc not to say anything. Certain that something dodgy is going on, Dan talks to Smithy and the hunt is soon on for Stone. Has Sun Hill hired a corrupt cop?

Elsewhere, DI Samantha Nixon and trainee DC Kezia Walker find themselves trapped in a lift with a very irate suspect…

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