What’s Paul hiding from Eileen? (VIDEO)

Eileen can’t wipe the smile off her face as she agrees to meet Paul in the pub for a second date. She’s mortified when the factory girls turn up, but Paul soon wins them over and Eileen’s proud to call him her fella. But as they relax at No 11 Paul receives a call and is forced to rush off. He tells Eileen he’s needed at work, but he’s got a secret.

Carla’s horrified to hear that Frank is within his rights to appoint Anne as his proxy in Underworld. She makes it clear she won’t co-operate, but Anne makes no apologies, refusing to accept the allegations Carla has made against her son. Carla’s a woman on the edge though and when a client gets a little flirty, the rape comes back to haunt her and she freaks out, leaving Anne asking questions of Frank.

When Becky spots Steve leaving Tracy’s in the morning she insists she doesn’t care, but she is simply bottling up her hurt.

Also, with Faye back from her school trip Owen’s keen to tell her that he and Anna are now an item. Anna vows they will, but when the time is right; when Sylvia finds one of Mary’s discarded competition entries she submits it in her name.