Penn writes to his father, describing his experiences since he arrived in town. But what is his father’s connection to Summer Bay? Penn offers to donate some money to Tony’s boxing project, which Tony is enthusiastic about, but Rachel isn’t. Yet again, tension develops between the two.

Angelo is hurt by Charlie’s lack of faith in him. When it looks like Angelo can’t open the restaurant in time, Charlie is sad but Angelo thinks she’ll gloat. But when Penn offers to help get the restaurant open by using the kids from the boxing programme, Angelo is thrilled. Thanks to Penn, Angelo and Charlie are reunited and as he watches them on the beach, Penn does something completely unexpected. What’s he up to?

Leah can’t help but feel Elijah wishes he were back working as a missionary. He tells her he doesn’t, but she’s not convinced. Charlie tells her she just needs to ride it out. When she finds a letter from a volunteer organisation, she panics. She confronts Elijah about it and he assures her there was nothing sinister in the letter, he was just keeping on top of things, making sure they knew he was around if they needed anyone.

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