Josh maintains he’s innocent of the latest incident, convinced someone’s setting him up. Meanwhile, Piper blames her sister for getting involved with Forrest and, when Imogen attempts to smooth things over, she’s shocked when Piper accuses her of being self-absorbed. But Piper’s foul mood is due to a text arriving from a mysterious admirer called Chas.

When Imogen voices her theory that Josh has been set up by his former boss, Forrest, Naomi notices Paul’s calm smugness and she secretly reaches out to Josh, who feels his life is falling apart. But he’s buoyed when Naomi reveals she believes Paul is somehow involved in framing him – and she intends to prove it!

Kyle tells Amy when he spots Liam before his Lassiters meeting, seemingly swapping the labels on the products he intends to pitch. But Kyle’s embarrassed when Liam has a perfectly innocent explanation for his actions. Amy takes Liam out for lunch to apologise but Kyle’s jealousy is piqued, and he remains convinced Liam will end up hurting Amy.