What’s Roo up to?

Roo keeps avoiding paying for anything. She again talks to Gina about Hugo’s money, and Gina finds half a credit card with Roo’s name on it on the floor. It’s been cut in half but it hasn’t expired and Gina’s mind starts ticking over. She reluctantly decides to do a credit check on Roo and discovers she’s skint. Is that why she’s so interested in Hugo’s money?

Marilyn makes an inventory of her possessions. She wants to give them away before she dies, so that a part of her lives on. Sid is upset by this and doesn’t think people will want to be involved with something so morbid, but he eventually decides to support Marilyn.

Will seems to be getting his life back on track. But since Penn’s death, business at the bait shop has taken a dive and Alf says he has to close for a while. When Will later receives divorce papers from Gypsy, it’s the final straw and he trashes the beach house. Irene and Lily come home and are horrified.

Leah admits to Irene that she hasn’t told VJ she’s split with Elijah. Irene reprimands her and Leah confesses the truth to VJ, who is deeply hurt.

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