Julia’s pal Rowly arrives with a bang and manages to charm everyone with gory details from Julia’s youth. He subtly tries to probe Zara and Heston about Julia’s love life and later flirts – to Charlie’s distaste – with Daniel and Simon in the staff room. Elsewhere, Karen’s stressed as she has to let Julia know her decision about the HCA job.

When Karen tells Julia she’s still not sure if she wants it, Julia sends her to Jimmi for advice. Jimmi uses an orange to show her how to take blood but Karen’s unnerved when he asks her to give it a try herself. Karen observes Michelle in the afternoon but when she unsettles all the patients with her nerves, Michelle asks her if she really wants the job.

Later, Julia confides in Rowly that her recent past with men has been a disaster. They’re interrupted by a call from Karen who says she’d like to go for the HCA job – but she’s clearly full of dread and anxiety. After the call, Rowly smiles at Julia – what’s he up to?

Also, Cherry plays detective by uncovering a rather ‘super’ villain.

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