Stacey is stunned by the state of Sean and she takes him home to clean off the blood. But things aren’t quite as they seem when Stacey realises that Sean is unharmed – the blood belongs to someone else! Stacey demands to know what Sean has done but he refuses to answer her questions. Stacey finds a piece of paper in Sean’s pocket with an address on. She and Bradley nervously go to the address and find a woman covered in cuts and bruises…

Peggy, Phil and Ben are back from their holidays and they arrive at the Vic’s flat to discover Vinnie, Shirley, Ricky and Max are all staying there! Shirley pours oil on troubled waters when she reveals how much she’s made for the pub while Peggy has been away and Peggy gives her a bonus.

Ben is hoping to slip out to a dance lesson with Peggy without Phil noticing, but Phil finds out what they are up to and is furious about their subterfuge. Peggy has a huge spat with Phil, who packs a bag and tells Ben they are moving out.

Also, Ricky warns Bianca that there’s no such thing as a free lunch; Max tells a horrified Tanya he’s moving back in.

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