What’s stopping Steven?

Steven is embarrassed when Garry and Mickey catch him buying condoms in preparation for his big night. Steven admits to Christian that he’s busy with Stacey later and Christian lets slip to Ian. Steven is embarrassed when Ian tries to give him a lesson in seduction. Steven meets Stacey at the Slaters’, but they are temporarily interrupted by Jean. Stacey is frustrated when a nervous Steven can’t perform and Steven is embarrassed. Steven is left on his own and he takes out a gay magazine…

Clare invites Bradley for a drink and offers to treat him if he makes a sale at work. Bradley confesses that he’s finding it difficult seeing Stacey with Steven and he impulsively kisses her. Bradley pulls back and admits that he can’t get Stacey off his mind and Clare is disappointed.

Roxy and Ronnie are photographed for the ‘Best Barmaid’ competition. Dawn has also been nominated, but she’s horrified when a muddy Wellard ruins her dress with his muddy paws. Ronnie offers to pull out of the competition as she realises how much winning means to Roxy.

Also, Sean plays a nasty prank on Gus; Heather and Minty get closer; Ronnie is jealous when Jack spends time with Tanya.

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