What’s Tara been hiding?

Eager Tara asks Hanssen if she can look into what caused the death of transplant patient Warwick Randall, and he agrees to see her findings.

As Tara tries to juggle the research with her regular duties, she fails to notice the rails are not up on patient Lainey Craig’s bed, causing her to fall out, hit her head… and wake up with a Scottish accent.

Tara’s sure Lainey now has foreign accent syndrome and suggests an MRI scan. But Lainey’s nervous of the MRI machine, so Tara shows her how easy the procedure is by scanning herself, then deleting her results.

However, when Tara goes to Hanssen to talk about Lainey’s case, she’s shocked to learn he’s been sent a copy of the scan she thought she’d deleted. He knows Tara’s been hiding the fact she has a brain tumour.

Fearing her condition will put patients at risk, Hanssen’s forced to suspend Tara while she undergoes tests. Has Tara’s dream of being a doctor been shattered?

Meanwhile, with his father Jeremy on the ward, Dan is finding himself torn between his new relationship with Simon, his duties as a doctor and his father’s perception of him.

Also, Eddi and Luc are finally together, but when Hanssen offers him a permanent contract, he must decide if he can commit both personally and professionally.