What’s Tara’s secret?

Tara and Ollie do all they can to make sure a young heart patient Jenny gets the transplant she needs. When a worried Jenny goes missing, junior doctor Tara goes out into the night looking for her, with Ollie following on. Eventually they find her safe, then have to make a mad dash to get Jenny back to Holby before it’s too late.

Tara urges Jenny to remain optimistic, saying: “We all have a shadow hanging over us.” Later, when Ollie questions Tara about what she meant, she’s evasive. Is the young doctor harbouring a dark secret?

Meanwhile, Ric’s unimpressed that Serena seems more interested in performing elective surgeries that caring for a vulnerable patient. But when they’re forced to work together in an emergency, it looks like the pair have finally called a truce…