What’s the deal with Dan and Louise?

Clifford’s sister-in-law Louise is busy trying to recruit patients for her stent trial, and while Connie refuses to help, Clifford is very keen to assist. Clifford persuades Maddy to ask Abra if he’ll help with the trial, but when Abra declines, Clifford tries to change his mind by offering Abra the use of Keller theatre at night. After much waivering, Abra accepts.

Later, when Clifford tells Connie that Abra is on board, Connie reveals that the entire hospital is gossiping about him and Louise. As they leave together, Louise kisses Clifford on the cheek. There is obvious tension as Louise drives off, and Clifford looks on.

Kyla deals with a patient called Derek, whose sister has just died, leaving him to look after his newborn nephew. Distressed by the fact she no longer has her son, Kyla takes a ‘time-out’ on the stairs when Elliot spots her and accuses her of sleeping on the job. Later, Kyla gets involved in an argument between Derek and the baby’s father Billy, and is forced to call security when things get heated.

Also Clifford causes a stir when he offers to perform a revolutionary operation on a young man with Down’s Syndrome; and Mark continues to dabble in drugs.

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