Carla is clearly not as fine as she’s making out as the factory girls gossip about her and Tony. When Tony turns up to give Carla a cheque he sneaks her keys from her handbag and lets himself into her flat. An unsuspecting Carla returns home to find the door unlocked and she hears noises from inside…

Michelle realises how little she knows about her biological son when Alex tells her that he has a nut allergy. Meanwhile, Ryan is still furious that Alex has moved in with them and is acting up. Michelle feels the pressure from all sides when she has to defend having Alex in the flat to Vernon and Liz.

Violet looks forward to her afternoon off, but she’s rudely interrupted by Sean, who has brought round a professional cleaner. Sean tells Violet that the cleaner will make the flat fit for a home birth and tells her to make herself scarce. Violet storms over to the cab office to tell Jamie the latest, but she’s frustrated when Steve comments that Sean’s just getting excited about his baby.

Also, Paul worries that he might be homeless after Tyrone and Molly buy the house from Jack; David invites Tina to stay over at his house.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Carla goes downstairs to get the tyre iron from her car and she creeps back into the house, but she’s surprised to find romantic music and the table laid for two. Carla swings the tyre iron when she sees a figure coming out of the bedroom but she’s stunned to see it’s Tony. The couple have an almighty row, but their argument soon turns to passion and they head for the bedroom.

Paul is left alone in the house when the others go out to the Rovers and he finds Jack’s winning betting slip among Vera’s belongings. When Jack gets home, Paul slips the ticket into his pocket but he’s about to hand it over. But when Molly and Tyrone reveal that they want him to move out after they’ve bought the house, Paul decides to leave the betting slip where it is…

Violet loses patience when everyone thinks that she’s being ungrateful about Sean’s gift of the cleaner, especially when everyone talks about ‘his’ baby. When a passer-by later assumes that Jamie is her bump’s dad, Jamie and Violet realise that they want to be a proper family. Jamie suggests that they move away from Weatherfield.

Also, Gail is annoyed when David and Tina take over the house with their mess.