What’s troubling Roo?

Can Roo open up to her friends and family about her problems?

Alf runs into Marilyn who’s beyond excited to catch up with Roo. After John tells Marilyn that Roo wasn’t acting like herself at the Bait Shop, Marilyn begins to wonder if Roo’s still struggling to come to terms with the loss of her baby. Later, Leah and Alf try to get Roo to open up, but she continues to push everyone away. So Leah, Marilyn and Irene come together to organise an afternoon tea in the hope that Roo will explain what’s bothering her. Will Roo finally say what’s on her mind – or will it push her further away from friends and family?

Also, Hunter and Olivia are stunned to see Hunter’s grandmother, Peggy, at the door. Hunter lies to his grandmother and says his phone was in his pocket and he accidentally called. Peggy stays the night and, the next morning, he tells her that Zac isn’t his father. Peggy is furious and calls Hunter a liar, leaving him and Olivia stunned.

Peggy tells Hunter he’s ungrateful and selfish and blames him for Charlotte’s death. She says that Charlotte told her everything, including Hunter stealing from a café and electrocuting Marilyn. Peggy says Charlotte did everything to protect him and lost her life in the process. When Peggy storms out, Olivia begins to worry that Peggy may go to the police. Is Olivia right?