What’s up with Heather?

Heather desperately calls for help and Garry and Minty find her and call for Dr Merritt, who sends Ben to her surgery to fetch an inhaler. Heather recovers from the asthma attack and Ben tells Minty that Phil caused her attack. Dr Merritt gives Heather a proper exam and discovers that her breasts are sore. Heather goes to the clinic for tests and is stunned when she’s told she’s pregnant!

Whitney tells Todd to stop bothering her when he phones her to apologise. The man who has been watching Whitney approaches her and tries to talk to her, but she’s not in the mood for a chat and makes a quick exit, dropping her notebook as she goes. Later, Whitney’s mystery watcher returns her notebook to her, but slips away before she can ask him his name.

Syed tells Masood that he wants to earn his trust again and says he won’t move home until Masood can forgive him. Syed tells Janine that he wants a second chance with his parents, even if that means working for them. Syed takes Janine to the Vic and Zainab warns Janine to stay away from him.

Also, Roxy finds Phil surrounded by vomit trying to work Ben’s games console.