Kirsty is distracted and Miles doesn’t know what to do. Alf suggests he be spontaneous. Kirsty is having a mysterious tearful conversation with Justin, which looks like they might be having an affair. She hides from Miles and Ollie, but is seen by Leah.

Leah tells Rachel what she thinks Kirsty’s up to. Miles asks Leah to make a picnic basket for Kirsty and Leah lets slip to him about her suspicions. Miles raises this with Kirsty and they have a massive argument. A tearful Kirsty then looks at a pregnancy testing kit… she’s pregnant!

Angelo wires up Gibbsy to entrap Hugo. Gibbsy tries to make Hugo admit he can get him out of the country, but Hugo acts innocent. Then the wire goes dead. Gibbsy and Hugo have gone missing. Angelo is shocked to find Hugo at Charlie’s – he says he’s picking up some of Xavier’s things. Angelo is even more confused when Gibbsy arrives and announces he’s not co-operating with Angelo any more.

Ted, Gina’s boyfriend, arrives to see her. He wants her to go on holiday with him. Tony and Martha encourage her but Gina is resistant. Martha offers to look after Brendan, so Gina agrees.

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