Steven notices how distracted Lauren has been and, assuming it’s because of her nerves over the job interview, he tries to cheer her up. When Steven invites Abi round to talk to her sister, however, it only winds Lauren up. With Josh on her mind, Lauren snaps at Abi, telling her that she’s quit her internship to please Steven. When Lauren later tells Steven that she wants a full-time job instead, he is frustrated.

Shirley is put into an impossible situation. Trying to think her way out of it, she talks about her dilemma with Woody and realises what she needs to do…

Denise is out of sorts, as she’s still having to walk on eggshells around Carmel, who continues to blank her. After a chat with Honey, however, Carmel starts to thaw towards Denise and Kush, even suggesting she meet up with them.

Also, Derek has a job at the Minute Mart. Woody arranges a Ladies Night at The Vic.