Anita stumbles upon a distant and preoccupied Theresa in the skate park. As Anita tries to comfort her, Theresa lets slip that she’s pregnant.

Cindy wakes up in Darren’s bed. When Tony finds her hiding from him in Il Gnosh he knows what she’s been up to and he’s upset to see she’s not wearing her wedding ring. As Cindy tries on dresses in Cincerity, Darren comes to return her misplaced ring and they’re soon kissing.

Tony catches Cindy and Tony and flips, punching Darren, before walking out. But Cindy has seen a glimpse of her future without Tony and doesn’t want to lose him. He eventually forgives her, but for now he is keeping his distance.

Also, Calvin’s instantly suspicious when he gets a call from a mystery supplier asking to meet him in a hotel. Des, meanwhile, is getting frustrated that the threats don’t seem to be working and suggests to Zak that they use Carmel to get to Calvin.

When Zak sees Calvin snap at Carmel, he agrees with Des’s plan. Fearing he’s about to come face to face with whoever is sending the threats. Calvin buys a gun from Kyle and heads off to the hotel to face them. But he finds a scantily clad Mercedes waiting.

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