What’s wrong with April?

April is being deliberately quiet about her birthday and Irene is concerned. Bianca forgets it’s her sister’s birthday and, when she remembers, she tries to make up for it by organising a party for April, though April isn’t very enthusiastic. When Bianca asks her why she’s so down in the dumps, April reacts angrily and then has a panic attack.

Casey, Xavier and Dex are ready with their science project. When the boys decide Casey will be the one to do the presentation to the class, Casey is worried that he won’t be up to it. But after his initial nerves, Casey does a great job presenting it and the group gets top marks. Later, when Casey tells his mother about the presentation and how his problems at school may be because of dyslexia, she has a surprising response.

Morag notes Colleen’s reluctance to return to her own home after her ordeal. When Morag presses, Colleen finally reveals that she is scared to live by herself. Morag tries and fails to persuade Colleen to move home, so she decides to make it her mission to help Colleen get over her anxiety.

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