Rachel is having trouble dealing with Harry – he won’t go to sleep. She’s exhausted, and it’s a cause for concern for Tony. Concerned about her, Tony calls Leah for help, but this only irritates Rachel further. Leah clearly sees something is wrong with Rachel, but she won’t listen. Eventually Rachel agrees with Tony that they will work together, but Tony is left feeling unconvinced. Then Rachel falls asleep on top of Harry and when Tony wakes her up, they discover Harry isn’t breathing.

Annie is having sexually charged dreams about Romeo. She runs into Ruby, who’s also unable to sleep, and they chat. Ruby can’t believe Annie’s been having sex dreams about Romeo – Annie confides she believes it’s Romeo who’s been writing her the love poems. She isn’t sure what she should do about it, but she knows she has to do something.

Charlie returns to work, only to find that Robertson is taking her and Angelo on a stakeout. She’s still angry over his cheating and the fact he wouldn’t be honest with her. Angelo tells her he is on an undercover operation and Robertson backs him up. Unfortunately, this only riles Charlie further, she accuses him of lying the whole time, never fully being honest with her.

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