What’s wrong with Belle?

Aden believes he will get back Belle’s ring. Meanwhile, Belle suffers dizzy spells and arranges a consultation with Rachel. Rachel does some tests and there are problems with the results. Belle’s hospital visit would have remained a secret, except she was there when Lachie was brought in, and couldn’t avoid Tony and Geoff.

Tony tells Aden, who gets worried. Belle convinces him it was just a pregnancy scare. Aden buys the explanation, but is devastated to hear the rugby game was called off, so his debt to Clint remains.

Geoff and Claudia feel guilty about Lachie. Claudia knows she’s the reason the boys are so antagonistic towards each other. Geoff apologises but Lachie won’t listen. While the CT scan isn’t encouraging, there’s still no certainty that the paralysis is permanent. Claudia is cool towards Geoff because she is fighting her own demons… she admits that the baby is actually Lachie’s.

Trey makes a public apology in assembly to Nicole but Jai doesn’t think the punishment fits the crime. Trey shows genuine remorse and Nicole is impressed, but as Trey concludes his speech the students laugh and jeer and Trey is humiliated. Miles realises Jai has played a prank on Trey and chastises him for it.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday July 23*

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