What’s wrong with Chris?

Chris clearly hasn’t slept a wink and Emma tries to get him to open up but he rushes out of the house claiming all is fine. At the Youth Club, Chris and Mrs Tembe are organising the donations for the jumble sale when Chris finds some rosary beads and asks Mrs Tembe about religion, saying that if you do the wrong thing you go to hell presumably.

Mrs Tembe tells him her god has a bottomless capacity for forgiveness. She manages to get Chris to open up and he says he thinks he’s being punished for something bad he did. He tells Mrs Tembe about a health concern, and it’s clear his concern is serious. Mrs Tembe assures him god is not punishing him and books him an appointment with Dr Carter; knowing is better than fearing the worst.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Al are intrigued to know what Zara’s reading on her Kindle, is it erotic fiction? When she says it’s a patient complaint, Kevin starts to freak that it’s a complaint about him but later Zara reveals she’s in fact reading one of her favourite Austen novels again. 

Also, Karen has to convince her reluctant friend Cath to undergo exploratory surgery after a mammogram revealed some worrying results.