What’s wrong with Julia?

It’s Julia’s presentation at the PCT and Ruth goes with her. But when Julia gets the time wrong and tells Ruth to bring the wrong file, they have to go back to The Mill to get the right one.

As Julia begins the presentation she starts to repeat herself and drops all her notes. She freezes, and panicking, she runs from the room. Ruth goes after her and says that she’ll tell everyone that Julia’s been taken ill.

Ruth calls Heston who tells her to apologise, but Ruth decides to continue with the presentation herself. But as Heston tells Ruth that Julia will be fine after a week off, Julia stares into space – what’s wrong with her?

Meanwhile, as Daniel gives Elaine a tour of the Campus, Zara is furious to discover what Elaine has done to her room. Zara dumps Elaine’s beanbag in Karen’s hands then texts Daniel saying she’s not sharing with some hippie!

Also, Heston encounters a teenager who thinks she can feel something evil in the woods.

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