Julia’s back at work and clearly stressed. She blames Karen for a simple clerical error, then discovers that it was actually her own fault. Both Zara and Heston urge Julia to go home but, later, alone in the office, Juila notices her hand trembling. She’s terrified, and can’t seem to stop it.

Cherry wakes up in hospital after a misty-eyed dream about Jimmi. When Simon picks her up, Cherry is eager for news of Jimmi, but Simon hasn’t heard from him. At home, Cherry’s delighted to receive some flowers – but she’s slightly disappointed that they’re from her colleagues at The Mill.

Meanwhile, Jimmi’s stuck in court all day; when he tries to ring Cherry, he can’t get through. After court has adjourned, Jimmi comes to see Cherry, who’s thrilled to wake up and see him. Cherry finally plucks up the courage to ask Jimmi on a date, and he’s delighted to accept.

Meanwhile, all is tranquil at the most exclusive and prestigious golf club in Letherbridge – until Charlie arrives, seeking membership!

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