Karen’s out for the count after her night out and Rob tries to wake her – she’ll be late for work. But when he spots some dried blood on her ear, he realises something’s terribly wrong and calls 999. At the hospital, paramedic Abby tells Rob she thinks the fluid on the pillow and the dried blood indicates some sort of head trauma and Rob breaks down, telling her how he accidentally hit Karen with the car last night.

Rob rings Jack and Immie and then calls Howard, who fills the staff in on Karen’s condition. Heston turns up at the hospital, where Rob reveals Karen’s been rushed into surgery. Heston goes to find out more and returns with bad news – apparently Karen has an extensive bleed on her brain and all they can do now is wait.

When Karen comes out of surgery, Rob is horrified by how pale and terrible she looks, hooked up to several machines. As Heston delivers the news to The Mill, Rob’s holding Karen’s hand when one of her machines starts bleeping. A doctor rushes in as Rob watches in horror…

Meanwhile, Howard is preoccupied about the newts he and Al have planted at the site for the new polyclinic. Later, Al shows Howard a newspaper article – the newts have been discovered and the preservation of wildlife wins over the need for a new clinic.