What’s wrong with Kirsty?

Tony is let down by staff for a second day at the surf club, and it’s Miles and Kirsty who come to his rescue. They offer to take Harry for the day and Tony and Rachel are grateful for the offer. Kirsty and Miles are spending a day with Baby Harry as good practice for the future.

The day starts well enough with Harry sleeping contentedly, but that doesn’t last long. Harry is soon exercising his lungs and no matter what Miles and Kirsty do, Miles wants to battle through. After all, they won’t be able to palm their own baby off to someone else.

Harry finally settles and the couple re-bond. Later, when they are over at Tony and Rachel’s for dinner, Kirsty goes to lie down for a few minutes’ rest, but collapses on the way.

Nicole and Liam are growing closer and Aden loses it. He tells Nicole he is cutting her out of his life. She chases after him and they agree that they are the closest thing to family that they have, and neither wants to live without the other in their lives. Still the boys can’t get along.

It’s only when Nicole has dinner with them that progress seems to be made. The boys shake hands but we’re left wondering about how long this truce can last.

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