What’s wrong with Melissa?

Oblivious to the situation with Hannah, Rhys and Josh return, full of excited news about their conquests away. Gilly is uncomfortable, but misses the opportunity to tell them about Hannah when Melissa turns up. And Hannah isn’t happy when Rhys ends up throwing her out. Furious with Gilly’s interference, Hannah runs after Melissa but gets a shock when Melissa collapses in the village…

Jacqui’s ashamed of her behaviour after spending the night in a cell, but is still intent on self destructing, pushing everyone away, including Myra. Desperate to win her round, Tony tells her he loves her and they have to try to move on from the miscarriage. He is frustrated when Jacqui says she’s not sure she can, but he’s determined not to give up.

Although she feels guilty for ripping Frankie off, Jessica goes out on a spending spree. Elsewhere, Zak realises there’s something dodgy going on, and Jessica realises he’s onto her. But is he the only one?

Darren takes Zoe on a romantic picnic and makes no secret of his plans for the day ahead, offering her a range of seduction foods. But his plans are ruined when they’re invaded by a nest of ants.