Instead of handing her phone in at the beginning of the exam, Summer leaves it in the toilet cubicle. Her exam starts well, but when she draws a blank she heads to the toilets, only to find a long queue. When she asks to go to the toilet again, Michael escorts her.

As he waits for her he becomes increasingly breathless and hot, as inside, Summer battles with her conscience over looking at her notes on her phone. Desperate, she caves in, but her worst nightmares come true when Michael finds her phone. But as he confronts her, he collapses.

Paul’s not happy when he sees that the shopping development has been given the go ahead by Ajay Kapoor. However, when he finds out that his cleaner, Lorraine, also cleans for Ajay, Paul sees an opportunity. Taking her for cake and coffee, he tries to find out where her other clients – Ajay – hide their keys for her to let herself in to clean.

When that doesn’t work, he tells her that Ajay is corrupt and even gives her her own camera phone to take photos of any documents left lying around. However, his plan backfires when Lorraine tells Ajay what Paul asked her to and he confronts him at work.