What’s wrong with Michaela?

The McQueens are busy preparing for Niall’s party, which unfortunately gets off to a slow start with just Myra’s bingo buddies arriving. But thanks to Niall putting an announcement on an internet forum, rowdy groups of teenagers begin to turn up. Resentful Niall plies Michaela with cocktails as she staggers around the party, embarrassing herself. But when Michaela drunkenly heads upstairs and passes out on her bed, Niall secretly injects her with heroin. The family panic when they find her unconscious, but is it too late?

Fletch suggests he and Sasha try some speed together in a bid to liven up Niall’s slow party. The drug takes effect and a few minutes later, they’re both dancing like maniacs, leaving Michaela bewildered. However, when Leo arrives at the bash Sasha’s paranoia and nausea set in, and they worry about having to hide their drug-induced state.

Newt and Lauren hatch a plan to get revenge on Russ for giving them detention, and pump Michaela for information on his relationship with Tina. They are furious when Michaela is rude to them, and get revenge by setting up a website to spread salacious rumours about Russ and Michaela. After the gossip spreads around the school, Russ is left humiliated in front of his students.

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