What’s wrong with Ringo?

Still obsessing about his body, Ringo’s try out for the swimming team almost ends in disaster when he doesn’t have the strength to keep his head above water. Luckily, Dan leaps in to save him and later tries to get Ringo to reveal what’s bothering him.

Through his lawyer Tim Collins, Sebastian Barnes orders Elle to raise rental prices and cut costs at Lassiter’s. Elle is left with a 24-hour deadline to sack one of her managers. But who will she choose: Paul or Oliver?

Frazer agrees to take Karl to the radio station to enter his demo into an undiscovered talent competition. But when Karl’s CD becomes firmly lodged in his car stereo, Frazer is left in listening hell.

Mickey and Tyler’s game of hide-and-seek goes wrong when Mickey hides in an abandoned chest and stays hidden, even after the game has finished. His practical joke turns serious when the lid locks and Mickey is left trapped inside.

Also, as Pepper prepares to head to Cairns to be closer to her sick dad, she’s delighted when Adam packs his bags and announces he’s coming with her.

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