What’s wrong with Ross?

Things seem strained between Morag and Ross as they return home early from their honeymoon. Then, when Ross seemingly goes missing, Morag panics. Meanwhile, Ross is walking along a road, disoriented, lost and confused.

Bridget is unimpressed when Alf tells her she can no longer have the job at the Surf Club and ends up crying on the beach. Martha stumbles across her and offers to help, which impresses Alf who ends up offering Bridget a job in the bait shop. Meanwhile, Bridget confides in Martha that she has been treated for cervical cancer, which makes Martha feel better as she prepares for her first chemotherapy session.

Rachel’s still not ready to deal with the issues between her and Tony and is taken aback by the sudden friendship between Martha and Bridget. Martha insists Bridget is a good person, and neither she nor Tony thought they were doing anything wrong, since Tony thought Rachel had left him. After she tells Rachel how hurt Tony has been and how much he misses Rachel and still loves her, Rachel realises she still loves Tony, and isn’t willing to lose him.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday October 31*

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