What’s Yusef done with Kamil?

Yusef tells a desperate Zainab that Kamil is safe and he claims that time away from Kamil will help Zainab learn to be obedient. Masood calls the police when he discovers Kamil gone, furious he’s being denied time with his son. Yusef gives the police the address where Kamil is staying and they are satisfied everything is in order. Zainab tries to wheedle the address out of Yusef to no avail – and it’s clear Yusef has been beating her.

Bianca is due out of prison before Christmas. Ricky is worried that Mandy will let slip to Bianca about them sleeping together. When he overhears Ian talking about going away with Mandy and Bobby he suggests they go straight away! At Pat’s, the kids excitedly prepare for Bianca’s homecoming. Ricky takes a call from Bianca and his face falls…

Jean prepares for her visit to the benefit fraud office to declare her innocence. Kat and Alfie are worried about an increasingly erratic Jean, but she insists she’ll be fine going on her own. Jean returns home without her coat, despite the cold weather. Max suggests to Kat that Jean might be having a bipolar episode. Kat insists she can take care of Jean, but she looks concerned.