Where did Tracy get her money from?

Reminding Rob how she promised to match his money, Tracy pulls out an envelope full of cash. Rob’s impressed, but is worried about where has she suddenly got thousands of pounds from.

Peter’s determined to turn his business around and apologises to Carla, assuring her he appreciates her help and intends to get the bookies back on track. When Carla then hands Peter the day’s cash for the till, and Rob makes a dig at Peter, Carla unleashes her fury on Rob. Peter’s had enough too and later goes after Rob, clearly in a threatening mood.

When Roy shows Hayley his aromatherapy candles and tells her how important it is that they lead stress-free lives, Hayley is forced to agree, but hides her worries.

Also, Norris is proud of his new found status as a home-owner, that is until Emily bursts his bubble when she hands him a pile of household bills; Paul and Eileen feel like social pariahs on the street.